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Matthew Diaz
Matthew Diaz

Free PDF: The Alchemy of Happiness by Abu Hamid Mohammed Al Ghazali

Sa'āda (happiness) is a central concept in Islamic philosophy used to describe the highest aim of human striving.[4] Sa'āda is considered to be part of the "ultimate happiness", namely that of the hereafter. Only when a human being has liberated his/her soul completely from its corporal existence, and arrives at what is called "active intellect". Al-Ghazali believed in practical-ethical perfection and that by exercising his God-given capacity for reason man must be drawn to the spiritual alchemy that transforms the soul from worldliness to complete devotion to God. This alone, he believed, could produce ultimate happiness.[3] Ghazālī's teachings were to help man to live a life in accordance with the sacred law, and by doing so gain a deeper understanding of its meaning on the Day of Judgement.[5]

the alchemy of happiness pdf free download

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