A beautiful blend of neutral greens and grey with flecks of blueish tones in it.
Easy colorway, great for anyone!

2 layers, 100% cotton jersey face mask that has been hand dyed.
Super soft and comfy!

Each mask is unique and chosen (lovingly) at random for you!

Fits most adult faces.
Size of the main fabric while flat is 7" L x 5" W with and good 3 inches of ear loops
Pleated at the chin and nose to hug the face, I also carry non pleated dyed masks which you can find in other listings.
Reusable, washable, and dryer friendly.

Non returnable!
The fancy model (me) is wearing her (my) own mask!

Disclaimer: This is not a medical grade mask. For guidance on usage, please consult the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), available at

Sagebrush Tie Dye Jersey Mask, Pleated