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About Us

Fearlessly fashioning confidence, self love, and self acceptance from the inside out one layer at a time…  

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Fearlessly fashioning confidence, self love, and self acceptance from the inside out one layer at a time…   

     Embody & Kiss and Tell strives to exemplify the bold, sensual, luxurious layers of the human body for those that appreciate standing out from the ordinary.   Both are the epitome of a design house dynamo featuring incredible clothing, statement accessories, body essentials, and products that for both men and women. 


  Providing products and services that boost self confidence while encouraging self care and self love are our main focus.  Not only are we excited to dress you on the outside but we also strive to "address" the utilization of tools to do the necessary internal work. Our semi-monthly Self Love/ Relationship panels offers a safe environment to openly discuss how to implement patterns that lead to loving ourselves and making our mental health a priority. 


    Our passion is encouraging us to make room in our lives for LOVE with our 

friends, family, loved ones, within our businesses and communities.  We carefully choose our moderators and speakers to ensure our guests leave with knowledge and instruction from experienced professionals that can immediately be implemented. This includes marriage counselors, life coaches, therapist, and couples that have stood the test of time.

     Her vision also includes bringing to life several social programs that are near and dear to her heart, working with disadvantaged and at-risk children to teach them practical and life skills. The goal of these programs are to wake up their entrepreneurial spirits by instructing them in fashion designing, business ethics and tactics, self-awareness, general education, jewelry crafting and hair styling, all while helping them establish and maintain a strong self image.  We teach and support them as they embrace their style, creative process, and self love practices. 


        How It All Started

   Inspired by her parents who were the owners of a jewelry store “Black Creations” it was only natural that Talibah wanted to create beauty for the world to experience.  Both of her parents had a background in Education, Fashion, and Entrepreneurship.  Her first memories are of sitting in the store in awe of the colors, sizes, and shapes of beads and how her parents combined them into wearable art.  That is where she created her first piece of jewelry at the age of 5.


      Talibah yearned to be creative and when her grandfather suggested she turn her hobby into a business, she applied for Cosmetology school.  This great idea afforded her the opportunity to be creative and eventually teach in what would become one of her strongest genres.  Her greatest joy came from the seeing the appreciative glow from her clients once she completed styling them.  Concurrently she returned to her first love of designing magnificent handcrafted jewelry, a skill her mom helped to hone.

     Still at the mercy of the creative bug, Talibah, through many personal sacrifices, returned to school to further her education.  In spite of many challenges she received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Fashion Design.  This provided the necessary tools to start her own company.  Because of her passion, dedication, and education, Talibah is a triple threat; She’s an expert at making custom wearable art (jewelry), designing bold, sexy fashions and styling hair in trendsetting styles. 

Our Story

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